LettuceWalkYou ~a Dog Company 
Dog Walking and Dog Vacation!
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All about us and our pups!

We started this business in January 2003,  to provide a pet-service company that serves the pets!
  We provide each dog with individual attention, throwing the ball, or wading in the river to play with them, or just keeping the group moving along so each dog can socialize and get a lot of exercise! 


LettuceWalkYou was created out of our love for the dogs, and our desire to help others who love dogs too!  In addition to our chocolate lab, Mocha,  over the years, we have rescued 2 more dogs, now 10 year old Molly, a yellow lab, and recent birthday girl, 8 year old Malibu, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. 

Sadly, our beloved MochaSoup lost her battle with cancer in Aug 2009, we miss her terribly but are so very happy to have had her in our life for 9+ years.   She was "SIMPLY THE BEST".   

We are in business to serve the dogs!  We would hope that all dogs are able to enjoy the life that ours have, going to the park daily.  

                                          Our recent new baby - DUKE!

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