LettuceWalkYou ~a Dog Company 
Dog Walking and Dog Vacation!
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LettuceWalkYou . . . a dog company...Serving the Eastside! 
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* Off-Leash Dog Walking~Serving Kirkland to Bothell, Sammamish to Redmond and Bellevue~
   Call now 425-985-3465 or email lettucewalkyou@aol.com for more information.
* Dog/Pup Vacations in our home, plenty of doggie beds for all!
* Free Walks earned for all referrals!

* Its all about the dogs!  Dogs just want to have fun too!  Let them out to run, play, swim & socialize!  We offer full service pet walking, including pickup and dropoff from your home!  We are devoted to providing your precious family member a great trip to the off-leash park to get their wiggles out so you can come home to a well exercised, rested dog!

* Fun Groups along with Personal One-One Attention: Our group is a fun loving pack of well mannered dogs who all get along and enjoy each others company.  Whether they like to play ball, swim, run or just socialize, we make sure each dog is catered to and has a great time at the park.  Watch out the window, we'll be there soon!  The dogs often wait looking out the window for the air conditioned van to pick them up at their front door, and after being provided with a florescent name-plated collar, they are off to the park for plenty of time to exercise, play, socialize and romp with their friends!

FYI: We are licensed, bonded and insured.  We are members of S.O.D.A., P.E.T.A., ASPCA and several Dog Walking Associations.  We also have a full plate of references, both human and canine! Lettuce Show You the PICS!  
Maggie & mini-Maggie (aka Daisy)
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